The purpose of this event is to liberate children of color from the belief that they are not enough. This run will be hard. It will push them physically and mentally. As in life, they will have to earn the destiny that awaits them. It will not come easy, but it will be worth it in the end. If we do not offer our children the tools to create and fight for a dream of their own, the Department of Corrections has one ready and waiting for them.

This event will also serve to bridge the gap between the youth and the elders. As the youth are on this journey the elders are encouraged to participate by running alongside them or being on the side lines offering positive words, wisdom and hope to motivate them to continue. As you finish the race with one child go back and grab another one and finish the race again and again. When it is difficult to see the light, we must become the light. Somewhere across time we have dropped the torch that led the way for our youth. It is time we pick it up. It is time that we add works to our faith.

We have worked in Horry County Schools in several capacities for several years. One question that we have always asked the students was, “Has anyone ever told you that you can be GREAT?” Too often, the answer was, “NO!” No one had ever taken the time to tell them that there “now” was not the end, that they could be more, that they were more than the sum of their actions. Too many children have never been asked about their hurts, disappointments, or fears. “Run for the Culture” will serve as a place for them to voice those hurts, disappointments, and fears and then push past them to see what their future can hold. It will give them an opportunity to see just how great they are and that there are so many people rooting for them to make it to the finish line. The registration form for some of the children will be the first time they have explored their dreams and desires for the life they wish to lead. It will have two questions:

1) What are you running from?
2) What are you running to?

The adult registration form will also have two questions:

1)How will you offer light to our youth?
2) How will you offer peace to our youth?